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Orders are shipped from St. Charles, IL via USPS Priority Mail, carefully packaged to prevent damage.



If your order arrives damaged or defective in any way, please contact us for return instructions.

  • How closely will my purchase resemble the photos on your website?
    The photos on our website are intended to provide a true representation of the item's size, shape, design, painting, colors and quality. The rocks you receive will resemble the photos as closely as possible. Since all computer screens resolve colors slightly different, there may be minor color variations. Also, because we use all natural river rocks and handpaint each one, no two rocks are truly identical and will vary slightly.
  • How quickly will you ship my order?
    If your selections are in stock we ship within 1-2 days. For items out of stock, we typically ship within 3-4 days depending upon the size of your order. For larger orders of twenty or more of the same item, please contact us and we will quote a lead time based on your specific requirements.
  • How do I know how big each rock is?
    The description of each rock includes it's size of either XL-L-M-S-Mini. Please refer to our size chart for more details.
  • If I purchase several of the same rock will they be identical?
    Since all of our rocks are selected from real river rocks and painted individually by hand, no two will be truly identical in every respect. For each design offered, we strive to use similarly shaped and sized rocks and meticulously reproduce the artwork and designs, but all items will vary slightly. You can be confident that buying several copies of the same rock will result in them being of the same high quality and very close in size shape and appearance while still maintinaing the allure of a handmade object.
  • Do you offer volume discounts for large orders?
    For orders of twenty or more rocks of the same item we may offer a discount based on the specific design and quantity desired. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a price quote.
  • Can I get a rock personalized for me?
    Yes, please use our contact form or email us with your desired item and personalization.
  • Will you make a totally custom rock for me?
    If you send us a picture or drawing of the image you want along with the size of rock you'd like, we will evaluate your request and quote a price and lead time.
  • Can I clean handpainted rocks?
    Generally you should only lightly clean or dust with a soft dry cloth. Do not use polish and be gentle. If necessary, you may use a solution of mild dishsoap and warm water - rinse and dry thoroughly. Never use any type of solvent based or abrasive cleaner or scrubber.
  • Are the paints used safe around food and children?
    All paints are acrylic based and receive a final water based polyurethane protective coating. This coating and all of the paints and decor used are non-toxic and safe to handle. Of course some of our smaller rocks may pose a choking hazard and should be kept out of the reach of small children.
  • Will exposure to water or weather harm the painted finish?
    No - all of our paints and coatings are water and weather resistant. However, we suggest indoor use for best results and longevity.
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