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Acrylic painted used fo our hand painted and decorated river rocks.



I only use all natural river or similar rocks and stones that have been worn smooth over time by nature.  They will not degrade or decay and will last a lifetime.  Their inherent irregularities in texture and color only compliments and adds to the beauty of my hand painting.

I hand select each rock to maintain similarity in size, shape, texture and weight of each item.  Prior to painting all rocks are hand washed to remove any natural dust and impurities that might be present.


I only use acrylic based paints, highlights, etc., that all are non-toxic, durable and safe to handle.  All rocks receive a full polyurethane clear protective coating on all surfaces.  All items are water and weather resistant.

Rock Designs

The artwork on my rocks feature original ideas drawn from nature and life around us as well as copies of images I find interesting and of course, requests and ideas from friends and family.  Each rock is hand drawn, hand painted and hand lettered!

I usually select a rock whose shape and size is a perfect match for an image idea, but often a particular rock just speaks to me and I match an image to it.  Either way, every Bluebird rock is a unique, meticulously hand crafted piece of art.

Although no two items of this nature can be truly identical, I take care to use similarly shaped and sized rocks, faithfully reproduce the images and colors as depicted on this website to provide you with items that meet your expectations while maintaining all of the charm and beauty of a hand painted natural object.

A view of many Bluebird Rock Art painted river rocks. Colorful gifts, home decor, seasonal decorations, and friendship rocks.  Acrylic hand painted rocks.
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