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I sort all rocks into general sizes of XL-L-M-S-Mini. Because all of the rocks are 100% natural there will be variation within these size groups.  Be aware that even if you order two or more of the same SKU, the sizes and shapes will most certainly vary and this is not a defect or error in your order.

You will find the size indicated in the description of all items offered for sale which correspond generally to these image charts shown.

How Our Rocks Are Sized

Beautiful painted rocks in various sizes for gifts and decor.






Group of XL painted rocks.
Group of M size painted rocks.
Group of L hand painted rocks.
Group os S size painted river rocks.jpg
Mini sized hand painted rocks by Bluebird Rock Art.

XL-(average weight between 0.45 lbs to 0.90 lbs. each)

M-(average weight between 0.081 lbs to 0.40 lbs. each)

L-(average weight between 0.24 lbs to 0.55 lbs. each)

S-(average weight between 0.005 lbs to 0.194 lbs. each)

Mini-(average weight between 0.006 lbs to 0.025 lbs. each)

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